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CWA viewers report

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CWA viewers report

Hi all,

I don't typically post here but since CWA (an American Clash Royale youtuber) stated this morning that his viewers has halved in the past half year I decided to find out whether that's the case.

I'm not a native speaker in English so please forgive me for my errors.



I decided to collect the total amount of viewers from all his CR-related videos starting from 10 june 2019 to 10 june 2020. I picked 10 june (a week ago) to make sure that most people that usually watch his videos have watched it.

I added a line to show the moving average, for which a period of a week (7 days) has been taken. Please note that the Y-Axis is set to 350.000, to make sure the graph is readable (but there are outliers above that value).

In the last year the most amount of viewers he got was just over a million for a video with Bufarete (another cr-youtuber, August 2019). The least amount he got was 54k a month ago.

Out of his least watched 50 video's over the past year, 47 of them were in 2020 (#31, #38, #44 weren't), 35 of them were even from the past 2 months (april or later).

This decline is also visible in the moving average.

Whereas in june 2019 the moving average tended to hover around 200k viewers per video, he currently only attracts 75k viewers per video.

So what does this mean?

In line with Google Trends interest for Clash Royale is down (This goes beyond CWA's channel).

If this continues content creators (Especially smaller content creators) may not be able to make a living out of CR.

Explanations for this are commonly posted on this sub, so I'm not going to dive into that.

I hope Supercell can turn around this trend for this great game and bring it back to live!


CWA used to get around 200k viewers for his videos around june 2019, now however he only gets around 75k.

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