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The reason why new player get bored quickly into the game

Soul Crusher

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I just create new account and so much people in the lower level clan basically just inactive or probably quit the game, I played against bot all the time up to 4k, I notice for new players, it's very tough to compete higher on ladder if they're ftp.

The game basically want you to collect 4 chests slot each time and have some challanges for about 3-4 days.

Other than that, it's very dull because you can't do anything else other than compete on ladder with your low lever cards.

In my opinion, clash royale need to do something to make players stay in the app game without them necessary playing, for ex:

  • Make spectate available for us to watch top leaderboard players or any players. (It's to make new players to get more interested into the game and they can learn from good players)

  • Make new players to compete easier in lower level so they can get up to level 13 quicker, players that basically love the game, will support the game

  • you need to have more challanges line up, not just 3-4 days, it's very boring for players who dont do ladder and all they do basically just do 2 vs 2 to get the chest rewards.

That's all I can think about for now, but imo you guys need to think about something new if you want the players to stay in the game.

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