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[3300] Hallow Fate #PPROPOLL |(32/50)| Active Clan

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We are looking for players who are interested in helping us to create a strong clan. Creating a friendly team is a priority so each player can evolve better by practicing decks and playing friendly battles. Promotions are based on activity and donations (not on trophies). Join us and have fun!
Gold League I
Weekly donations 10000+
Clan score: 41006
Required Trophies: 3300
Active chat
All members are active
We war daily
King level 8 required
Discord available

What we can offer you:

Active in-game chats and Discord channel.
Daily donation & trades
Back to back wars.
practice before war and share decks & help strategy

What we expect from you:

If you participate in war play all battles.
Show Activity through donations participation.
Be active in chat and help your teammates
Don't ask for Promotions, Promotions are earned.

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