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"Build it and they will come..."

...Except for Clash Royale!

You build a clan, set the trophies, location and put a catchy description and now what?  Without a global chat or "official" Clash Royale" recruitment forums, your options until Recruiting Royale were limited to Reddit, discord, friends and so on. 

Obviously we would love to be the place for all of your recruitment needs, but even so, there is more to it than that!

  • With a new clan, don't start your trophy requirements too high.  Remember, the people that have been playing for awhile are most likely going to be in established clans. 
  • Go easy on the co-leaders.  Offering the position of co-leader can be enticing, but do so cautiously.  As the leader, you should be the one guiding your clan. 
  • Use elder as earned promotion tool.  Many people will come to your clan looking for elder.  For whatever reason, this is a coveted position even though all it does is allow people to kick non-elders. 
  • Share your battles with your clan no matter if you win or lose.  Others can learn from your battles and perhaps make suggestions on how to improve.
  • Share your clash royale clan decks with your clan for the same reason as above.  It is always good to get differing opinions on your deck.
  • Be patient while your clan grows.  Treating people well and making them feel at home will undoubtedly attract new members. 

Remember we offering free advertising for your clan and spreading the word always helps!

Best of luck in your Clash Royale clan recruitment efforts!

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