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Welcoming all Rebels!! Come join the Rebel Riot Club. [2000]

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'''Rebel Riot Club #PPRJ8RPQ'''



🔥''Come join the riot''🔥


New up and coming English speaking international 18+ war clan looking for active members. Let's shape the clan together and make some friends while we're at it.



✳️'''Clan Overview'''


We are a new clan but highly motivated with good adult leadership and strong determination. We welcome anyone wishing to join the team.



'''About the clan'''


☠️Clan Name: Rebel Riot Club


☠️Clan Tag: #PPRJ8RPQ


☠️Trophy Requirement: 2000


☠️Founded: April 7th


☠️Discord Server



'''About the leader'''


☠️Name: AlbaTrosS




☠️100+ War day wins


☠️Active and willing to help.






Join Us:







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