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☆Glory Nation☆ [4600+ Early season, 5000+ late season] Active players only.

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If you have the following minimum requirements, please read on:

King level 11 50 war day wins 30+ level 11 or higher cards

Our clan ☆Glory Nation☆ #2UV92RQ2 has been up and running for over 2.5 years and our goal is to progress. We have a 54000+ clan score, average 20000+ donations a week and we war everyday.

We are an English speaking, active war clan who donate, and we're looking for ACTIVE players who can help us win wars. We currently have extra spots available. Join us if you're willing to help maintain a friendly and laid back environment.

To join our clan you must: Have a minimum of 4600 trophies in the early season, 5000 late season Donate at least 50 cards a week Participate in a minimum of 1 war per week and have a 50% or higher war win rate Use your war attacks/ Do all collection battles Understand that promotion is earned through trust and active playing, not given away Respect the group, no swearing and no kicking out players

If the clan is full, comment below and I'll try make arrangements for you.

Come check us out! See you soon!

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