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Soul Crusher

reddit My balance Wishlist for Next Season

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I felt like this season's changes were mediocre. however, I loved how the changes altered the meta so much. I think, next season, there should also be a big balance change.

Barbarian & Goblin Hut HP buff

  • Barbarian Hut 10% HP buff
  • Goblin Hut 5% HP buff

Last season was an overkill, and they need to give them a slight hp buff to make them viable. 10% shouldn't make BH annoying, but will boost the usage. Goblin Hut was more OP, so it only gets 5%. I am not buffing furnace because I want to see what they do to fire spirits first, as I know Supercell will deal with furnace somehow.

Executioner Rework

  • Projectile range and range both become 5 tiles
  • 30% damage buff
  • hitspeed to 2.5 seconds

This is attempting to replicate last years fail of the executioner's rework. This rework will be less drastic. The aim is to allow executioner to better handle support troops behind tank, rather than a splash damage card.

Witch Rework

  • skeleton spawn speed buffed to 6 seconds
  • spawns skeletons upon dropping
  • speed changed to fast
  • range to 4 tiles

The aim of this rework is to allow the witch to better collaborate with the skeletons. The skeletons will better protect her, and she will fight closer to skeletons.

Bomb Tower Nerf

  • 6% damage nerf

Nothing major, just to stop bomb tower from being OP.

Royal Delivery Nerf

  • Radius to 2.5 tiles

He is way to strong right now. This will reduce some of his area damage.

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