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reddit My thoughts on matchmaking and how people deal with it

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STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MATCHMAKING. We get it you’re somewhere between 4.6k-5.6k and you sometimes go against higher level people. What you may not understand is that matchmaking is based on trophy count (and win/loss streaks) but NOT tower/card levels. Supercell is never going to change this. Any sort of level-based matchmaking on ladder won’t work, simply because it would make upgrading cards not important and it ruins the progression of the game. You either have to play longer to upgrade your cards, or get better at the game. I have a level 1 account with a pb of over 5.2k, which proves it’s not impossible to beat higher level players if you are good enough. Obviously not every matchup is gonna be winnable, but that’s just how this game works. And no, the matchmaking is not rigged against you, people have done studies and proved that the game does not put you against hard counters all the times. You just need a better deck. The only “rigged” matchmaking is when your on a big win or loss streak it puts you against other people on a big win/loss streak. but that’s not rigged against you, its just to even out everyone’s win or loss percentage so no one has a 10% or 90% win percentage.

Sorry for the ramble i just wanted to get my word out. Thanks for reading.

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