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Refer a Friend Contest!

Soul Crusher

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Recruiting Royale's first giveaway contest is about to begin! What is up for grabs is a Google Play $50.00 USD gift card!


When: The contest runs from December 25th, 2019 through January 1, 2020

Who: Anyone can enter and there is no cost to enter

How: The member who refers the most new members within the above time frame will be declared the winner and awarded the gift card. 

Instructions: Go to your control panel and click on your name.  In the drop down you will see "Referrals".  You can either invite new people here via their email address or click on "Settings" to obtain a link you can use on other forums, email, etc.  As long as the new member uses your link, they will be referred by you and will show up in your profile. 

Rules: There is no limit to how many new members you can invite.  However, we will be checking for new members with the same IP, variants of similar usernames, emails, etc.  Anyone caught cheating will automatically forfeit their entrance into the contest and risk having their account banned.


Any questions, feel free to drop a reply below! 

Otherwise Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!!!

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