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December Update Live

Soul Crusher

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Now that the update is live, what are your thoughts thus far? 

Your trade tokens are now worth about 50% as both players will need one to trade.

Stars feel a bit gimmicky to me.

With so many moving parts now, the game is beginning to feel a bit clunky and less refined. 

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I know this post is a bit old, but the topic is still a current one.

Having both sides use a token to complete a trade is a good thing imo. In the beginning, players who had no tokens would just wait until someone requested a trade and would then get free trades at the expense of the one with the token. Now it's much more fair.

I have to level my cards up to even to talk on the topic of Stars! lol

The game is still a whole lot of fun to me. Adding new things isn't always the best choice in the long-run, but for now I really like the balance of choices.


legendary clan [ #PPCQ2JCV ]


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