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🏆[4000] Mega USA 3 / #YOLOYC/ 🔥Active Adult Clan🔥 / LF for Active, Adult, and Friendly Members (English)


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We are a fun, friendly clan that has been around since the launch of the game.  We have some very good players in our clan, but I would like to get more.   As is the case with most games, people lose interest over time and move on.  Some just lose interest and stay in the clan but do not play anymore..."dead weight".  I have trimmed some of the dead weight down to 40 players.  So I am looking for 10 new competitive, motivated players who want to progress, participate in war, win war, donate to make your fellow clanmates stronger, and who expect the same in return.  This clan has been around since day 1 and its not going anywhere.  It is a good atmosphere with no drama.  You will find people who are friendly, active and supportive.  If you are only at 4000 - 4500 trophies, thats no problem, If you come here, and are active, you will pass 5k in no time.  So come join us and participate in our return to greatness !!!  (Besides we have the coolest clan tag in the game #YOLOYC)  


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