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By now, most of us have seen gameplay of the newly reworked Tornado. We have seen the new crazy pull strength. So this begs the question, have Supercell accidentally buffed the Tornado?

A few days before the balances were announced. Seth came on CWA's channel to talk about the upcoming Tornado rework. He said that he didn't want Tornado to be a single card counter to cards like Miner and Hog Rider. He also specified that the Miner might have more 'safe spots' after the rework.

However, with the reworked Tornado, it is much easier to pull Hog Rider to the King without getting a single hit on the Princess tower. Miner still has only one safe spot. And even against beatdown decks, the new tornado pulls all cards together so fast that, like earlier, it makes many players of decks such as LavaLoon utterly helpless when the opponent has a Splash-Nado deck.

The only one nerf to the new Tornado is against 3 Musketeers. If you try to pull 3M split in the back to one lane, it will activate the opponent's King.

Apart from the above 3M interaction, I feel that Supercell have accidentally buffed Tornado.

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