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New idea: Card attributes/skill trees.

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Right now a lot of people feel that the game is rock paper scissors. I think most people want the game to come down to skill. What if before the game starts, you both see each others deck. You then have 30 seconds to change upgrades/skill trees on your cards.

An example would be Giant. He may have 3 variants, Standard, which is how he is now.

The second variation could be "Extra bulky" which has 20% more HP but moves 50% slower or something like that.

The third variation could be "Demolisher giant" which does 50% more damage but has 50% less HP.

Potentially goblin gang could have variations which allow you to change the number of melee vs spear goblins,

Maybe princess has a variant which reduces her HP to 1 but gives her some sort of 1 use spell shield.

There are a lot of interesting changes to allow users to further customize decks and most importantly give some level of customization once you know what the enemy has so you have some level of counter play and it's less rock paper scissors.

Maybe you're only allowed to change 2 or 3 of your cards before the match starts, but anything to help reduce the number of games that are already 80/20 before games start.

This would also help change the meta as a lot of meta cards are the exceedingly "safe" ones, who are good in many situations. This would make more cards "safer" as you could potentially adjust your win condition if the enemies have a direct counter to your plan.

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