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Discussion on tornado physics.

Soul Crusher

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I think the real thing that the tornado has changed there, the "force" is, quite surprisingly, "impulse" in our world.

Consider a hog coming to a tower and get tornadoes before reaching. It doesn't move much because hog is very fast, and the tornado cancels the velocity. Only when the hog reaches the tower can tornado suck it away much further (initial velocity is 0).

With some of my trashy physics skills, I see heavier units get sucked less, so m(Delta)v=constant, and m(Delta)v=impulse.

So why is the new tornado a nerf?

The answer is: at the center of tornado, velocity can only be zero (but not negative, or in other words, going back). You can think of as wasting some of the negative velocity.

Let the original velocity of the troop be v0, negative velocity brought by old and new tornado v1 and 2v1, respectively. Assume tornado gives negative displacement in both cases.

Take forward as positive

Total displacement if no velocity is wasted:

Old tornado: (v0-v1)*2= 2v0-2v1

New tornado: v0-2v1+v0=2v0-2v1=the effect of old tornado.

If the backward distance between center of tornado and the troop is less than the displacement brought by the new tornado however...

New tornado total displacement > v0-2v1 +v0 (italics part is the part that is larger) = 2v0-2v1= old tornado, meaning it pulls less backwards/more forwards than the old tornado.

Because old tornado is weaker but has a longer time, trrops seldom reach the center, but the new tornado often makes trrops stop at the center. And that is mystery solved.

Opinions are always welcome.

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