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Daily CR Routine

Soul Crusher

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  1. Wake up
  2. Immediately grab phone to request cards to make sure you can request 3 times before the end of the day.
  3. Proceed with morning activities
  4. Around lunch time, it's time to attempt ladder.
  5. Win some lose some. But it's not very effective. You stay around the same spot
  6. Request your 2nd card.
  7. Put up some trades and proceed to doing afternoon activities and such.
  8. Have some awesome mac and cheese for dinner, cause hey you spent all your money on the new season deals and cant afford food.
  9. It's around 9 PM and it's time to reach a new league.
  10. You lose 500 trophies, and regain 300 after 4 hours of pushing.
  11. You see a text in clan chat saying, " You're still up?"
  12. You contemplate life for a good 20 minutes thinking why do I waste my time playing this game
  13. You decide to quit the game and tell everyone your done.
  14. You go to bed.
  15. Whilst asleep you have a dream about going to CRL finals
  16. You wake up and its 3 AM and you decide to start the game again.
  17. You rejoin your clan that you left and say your back.
  18. Go back to bed.
  19. Wake up and repeat Step 2.
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