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redditClash Royale - State of the game from max player view

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Hi Everyone,

So, first of all i just want to say that i invested easily 1600€ plus on the game, so i´m a full maxed player.

And why do i say this? Because my view from the game can be totally different from yours. I understand all the frustrations with the lack of gold/cards ( i will talk about it later in this post) and the frustration that paying 100 gems for a GC or 500 gems for the GT rewards can be, but this is not my case.

As a maxed player, i can say that i fell completely ignored by the CR team regarding new content, even throught i understand the last 2 updates, and how good they were for the casual/f2p players.
Actually, i´m in a way really happy for the unreal boost in terms of gold and ways to upgrade our cards, and why do fell so happy about this? Because finally players will understand that having all the cards maxed will only bring less desire in the game, which will force the CR team to bring something new.

What? Being maxed will make me more sad than happy in the long term?

Yes, for sure. In the begining you may find a better deck or so that will boost your trophies and make you reach a new high in the game, but with the time, you will see that you are always on the same trophy range. If you think about it, most of the players have like a 55% winrate, which means that you kind of win the same number of games that you loose.

Also, when you are a maxed player, you don´t have that any goals other than trophies, that as i previously said, in the long term it will make you want to quit the game. That desire of getting x card maxed or that deck maxed that you think will make you unstoppable is what keeps you addicted to the game, and without it, only new content will make you excited! The problem? Other than the new clan wars ( i personally think that it´s way better than the first one) there is no new content!

Just today, the CR team made a new Q&A, ( btw, it was terrible, most of the questions were answered in the new update, didn´t bring any clue from what big feature can come next, and also killed the possible hype for a 2v2 game mode ) and in this Q&A you can clearly see that the team won´t take any risks, they will only go for safe updates, improve clan wars, but real content that players are waiting for years, nothing.

I understand that the game is going trought an amazing phase with all the content for f2p and new players, plus the boost from several huge content creators, but unfortunately for players who really invested a lot of money and time in the game we don´t see any kind of progression.

In my case, and i consume this game so much, or playing or watching videos on YT/competitions on Twitch, the game feels stale due to the lack of new content. The 2V2 that was the feature i was most excited about was just killed in this last Q&A and the team doesn´t seem to have any big feature in their pockets for the future.

Hope i´m wrong and this post will go back to hunt me, but it is really sad to see so much potential being wasted.

Good games to everyone, and i hope you can enjoy this exciting phase if you are a non maxed player, and to all the maxed players, hope the team proves me wrong.

Thank you

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