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reddit[EFFORT POST] How much have Clash Royale buffed progression in the last two updates?

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TL;DR We will get an extra 150,000 gold per month relative to February 2021.


These calculations gives the total extra value in gold that the last two updates provides to progression per month. I am assuming the player is f2P, level 13, has a chest opening at all times, completes the free track of the pass and gets to 1000 trophies above legendary league reset every month. Assuming common, rare, epic, legendary is worth 5/50/500/20,000 gold.

Update 1 - Quarter 1

Pass - A book of common cards gives a max value of 25000 gold. A book of rare cards gives a max value of 50,000 gold (total average extra value in gold = 37500 per month). They also buffed the free track of pass royale giving an extra 100 common wild cards, 20 rare wild cards, 10 epic wild cards (Total extra Value in gold = 6500 per month)

Chest keys - Each chest key is worth 100 gold, assuming you get 15 a month (max) that’s a total extra value in gold = 1500 per month

Update 2 - Quarter 2

Chest cycle: Old chest cycle gave an average of 120000 gold per month, new chest cycle gives about 180000 good per month. Total extra value in gold = 60000 per month

Crown chest buff: About 320 value in gold per crown chest so total extra value in gold = 10880 per month

Special challenges and Tournament chest buff: We can assume total extra value in gold = 10,000 gold

Trophy road - Total extra value in gold = 24000. I calculated the difference between value in gold of old trophy road from 4000 to 5000, and new trophy road from 5000 to 6000 (because leagues have been moved from 4000 to 5000)


We will get an extra 150,000 gold per month relative to February 2021. A maxed account is worth 42,427,980 gold so this is a progression buff of 0.35% per month. Personally, feels slightly underwhelming, I feel like they should have just doubled or tripled rewards in chests and focus on different aspects of the game. Do you agree with me?

[EDIT] For reference I am a very active player and my progression is 2.5% per month. So with the new progression buffs I should be doing 2.85% per month

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