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redditWhy did Supercell make this game so difficult for a level 13 to get back into?

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For context, I have a level 13 king tower and used to be around the 5700 - 6000 range of trophies when I played. I took a break from the game (as many people do) and I come back now struggling at 4900 trophies. I understand the new update to the trophy road, as moving it to 5000 is honestly long over due. My issue is that the majority of the people I'm losing to in this arena below challenger have personal records of 5600 and above. I think it's due to king tower level matchmaking, which for the most part is fine, but a lot of people are coming back to the game who were similarly high in trophies as I was. This means that I'm facing people who have the skill level of someone in challenger 3 or master 1 currently, yet neither of us are even in challenger yet. I can still beat these people, but my win rate has dropped considerably due to this. I think king tower matchmaking ends at 5k, so I'm sure past that point I'll be able to climb up to were I previously was. Honestly, I have no idea how supercell should fix this because crown-tower matchmaking is a necessity for this game. I just think it's unfair to be struggling at such a low trophy level because I'm facing other people who also should not be at that trophy level

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