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redditRemoving Epics From Lower Arenas is a Step Towards a Better Leveling Algorithm

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Nerdy post here with a speculation.

The leveling algorithm in the game has a few problems. The biggest one is that cards of different rarities upgrade by slightly different amounts.

It's not true that cards simply upgrade by 10%. Basically, all cards have base numbers, i.e. hitpoints and damage, that are then multiplied by a value based on level. For the first level of a card, this value is 1, then for the second it's 1.1, then 1.21, 1.33, and so on. Then a floor function is applied.

This is problematic, because for example, while an upgrade from level 9 to level 10 changes legendaries by exactly 10%, it changes rares by 9.7% and epics by 9.8%, making legendaries even so slightly stronger and skewing some interactions (this happened with level 12 Ice Wizard and Fireball).

Also, this is why cards of different rarities use different numbers. For example, you can't get 190 with rares, so Heal Spirit has 191 hitpoints and survives Tesla with 1HP. There's a lot of them throughout these and some cause problems (aside from just having 2-3 numbers for what could be a more manageable 1).

But it isn't the only problem. Crown Towers change yet differently. At the first few levels, they upgrade by "8%", then start upgrading by "10%". Their multiplier values are completely different, further hindering attempts to make multipliers standard.

So far, interaction mistakes are solved on a case-by-case basis, because all of the solutions have three big flaws:

  • It's lots of work for something people at large don't know or care about.
  • All cards in the game will be slightly re-balanced at different levels, buffed or nerfed by 1-2%
  • If the multipliers are standardized, crown towers would be really weak at the first levels. For example, it would take a level 3 tower to one-shot the level 6 skeletons from a just-unlocked Skeleton Army.

By moving epics away from Training Camp and Goblin Stadium, the third issue is now largely resolved!

So, with this hurdle out of the way, it's more likely we will get this sometime soon! Fingers crossed.

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