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redditUnpopular Opinion - Copying decks off the internet or using extremely common decks (such as log bait or hog cycle) should be discouraged rather than used as an easy way to play the game.

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Posting this because I have played the game for a long time and this seems to get worse every time I play. It feels like I only play against the really common decks like the log bait, hog cycle, bridge spam, and royal giant and its really making the game a lot less fun. It used to be all about experimenting by yourself and making your own deck based on your play style. It was one of the most fun and strategic parts of the game to figure out which 8 cards to use to win with. You would talk with your clan or friends and maybe work together to make a new deck. But now it seems like everyone just copies off of other player’s decks or uses an unoriginal one. It becoming so common that I already know exactly what the other person is going to do based on their deck which I have faced so many times. I think we should bring back the originality of the game! Challenge yourself to come up with your own deck using cards you like! You don’t have to follow what other people say is good, you can make your own and have a whole lot of fun trying out different combinations of cards! What do you guys think about this issue? Am I wrong that you should try to branch out of decks that literally everyone knows how to play against? It might even help you win to come out with something completely unexpected rather than just cycling hogs or goblin barrels. Let me know what you guys think, I would really like to see more originality in the decks I typically play against.

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