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redditAbout Fire Spirits and the communities reaction

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About Fire Spirits and the communities reaction

Why are people saying it should 'do certain things'. It was a rework not a nerf/buff its a completely different card with different attributes and weaknesses/strengths. In total its a massive buff to the card itself and is actually viable. The card has changed so much and serves different purposes don't go around using it in the same way thinking its so much worse because its not supposed to be used like that anymore.

The card serves a similar role to all spirits bar heal spirit in the fact that its supposed to be a kiting card/prolonger for your support cards to do damage. Its difference between ice spirit and e-spirit comes in the fact that it does high instant damage. Another role is its ability to pressure at the bridge similarly to wall breaker pressure. Its not a risky splash card anymore (does loads of damage or dies instantly) so stop treating it like that. It may not serve the same purpose anymore for some people but there's no doubt its 100% better. The state they were in pre-patch you might as well carried arrows instead for those minions.

I'm top 20 in the world right now with fire spirit and the change is night and day for the card itself. IGN: υκ TooGood ρκ . I'm glad reddit doesn't balance the game because from what I've seen lately is kinda concerning.

The main gripe I've heard people say is that it doesn't one shot minions anymore ... its one elixir now!


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