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Looking for active players that donate for Candy Robbers.we are an active clan that kicks inactives but we are down to only 40 active players.If u need cards,u will always get them.klink is our leader.Im Jonsnow,one of the longer players in Candy Robbers.I gave my leadership to Klink.He is a good leader.If u make Co-leader we all help run the clan.we are always in a war.we just need a few more great players.By great I mean just play and do your part.we don't go hard core and kick for a lose or any stupid reason.We chill and have a good time.If you think you can add to our clan,come on over.Let me know if you join and saw this.Thanks JonSnow

  1. Be active
  2. Donate
  3. If you join wars do all of collection&war battle

Have fun



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