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redditNew Idea: The Royal Challenge (intermediate between Classics and Grands?)

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Should there be an intermediate 12 win challenge between Classic Challenges and Grand Challenges?

The skill gap between Classic Challenges and Grand Challenges is insane. Sure, the first few wins of the Grand resemble the middle few wins of the Classic, but past 8 wins, it is a whole different world. As someone who battled at most 6.6-6.9k players even at the highest wincounts in classics (you'd see the occasional 7k, but that is once in a blue moon), I was unready for the slap in the face that Grands were with players above 7.2k making regular appearances above 4-6 wins. Going against players with 10+ Grand wins as a fresh Grand Challenge player was incredibly intimidating, and I am not afraid to say that I was outclassed and learned a lot from the replays. However, for F2P players trapped in the skill gap between winning Classics and winning Grands (because consistently winning Classics gets you about 6-8 wins on average in Grands already), this presents a difficult situation because you're simply unable to get consistent practice against those better players to improve yourself.

This is why I propose a middle challenge that serves as a middle between the extremes of 10 gems and 100 gems. The Royal Challenge, a challenge that would cost 40 gems, have reward values in between that of a Classic and a Grand (haven't grinded the numbers yet) that would serve as a middle ground range between the skill levels of Classics and Grands. It is more expensive to keep the quality of the players in the challenge high, but also is cheap enough such that the cost is not prohibitively expensive for F2P players.


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