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redditMy Opinion on why Mega Knight is Disliked by so many People

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Mega Knight is not a hard to counter card. That I think most people would agree with. However, many people still think it is overpowered and deserves a nerf. Why is that?

Firstly, I think Mega Knight is disliked because many counters are very situation-specific (in this case, to be used against a Mega Knight). Inferno Tower comes to mind. I'd say that Mega Knight is the only thing that's keeping this card from dying in midladder. This forces players to waste a deck slot just to deal Mega Knights, which I'm sure wouldn't make a lot of people happy.

Secondly, I think Mega Knight is disliked because there is no "generic" counter. By "generic", I mean a wide range of cards that have the same basics. For example, as we all know, swarms counter tanks. It doesn't matter if it is Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, or Guards, as long as it is a swarm. For Mega Knight this way of thinking doesn't work though. There is no particular "category" of cards that can counter him. Minitanks are the closest you can get, but even some minitanks, such as Knight, get destroyed by him.

Thirdly, Mega Knights often get supported. In these cases, many usual counters (almost all, I would say) wouldn't work.

Finally, many Mega Knight users use overlevelled Mega Knights. That paired with it's splash damage makes it near impossible to counter easily. A level 9 Mini-Pekka will still die to a level 13 Mega Knight. This makes it seem more overpowered than it actually it.

In conclusion, while I do agree that Mega Knight is easily countered, it is still a overpowered card. If I had to fix this card I would either increase it's movement speed (to make it harder to support him), or make the card 8-elixir.

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