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reddit(sort of) New Competitive mode?

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(Not a native English speaker, hopefully you'll understand what I mean)
Here me out. Brawl Stars recently received Power League, the new competitive way to play the game.

Now back to CR, once in a while, certain cards are a bit overpowered, maybe a bit too much. But then I saw how Power League works, and I thought: Hey, wouldn't this be great for the competitive scene of CR?

So for those which don't play Brawl Stars, here's how it works:

  • before the match will start, there is firstly a map preview and then a coin-flip phase which will lead to who will get to ban a brawler first
  • after the ban-phase, you choose your brawlers
  • and after that, you have 10 seconds to see again the map and choose the Star Power/Gadgets you want
  • best of 3

Also, the Brawl devs are taking into consideration the amount of people they banned a certain brawler, so they know who gets to be nerfed.

So, why do I think this is going to be healthy for the game?

  1. You don't have to face anymore cards like Mother Witch or E. Barbs, which is great and the more bans they'll receive, the better will the dev team understand if they have to nerf them, so Ladder players have a good time.
  2. It could a better version of Duels, which will make CW2 a bit more interesting.
  3. It would be great for competitive players.

Also, if you wondered if you'd gain trophies, yes, you will and it'll share the same slot with the current one which is written "BATTLE". Yes, you would at the current trophies, so if I am at 5600 trophies, I'll start in new mode at 5600 trophies.

But that does mean you'll get double the rewards? It could be a nice addition to F2P players, but I'll doubt that'll happen. But if it does, then the rewards should be Magic items.

So after all, how do you feel? Is this a good idea? Would like it to be implemented and what are your thoughts? Stay safe y'all!

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