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redditBest deck for sirtag challenge(spoilers alert, its spell cycle)

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If you enjoy watching the world burn, then this deck will sure help you accomplish that:

Deck composition: knight, tesla, ice spirit/e spirit, archers, fb, eq, log, skeleton.

Basically play it like 3.0:throw eq and fb at their tower, and defend with the trio:archer, knight and tesla. When things goes out of control fb the cluster.

Few of the decks also viable in this challenge: e golem, bridgespam, bait, and hog

Hog will be easy:cycle multiple tesla and they shouldn't be able to break through.

Bridgespam is the same deal, except the key would be cycling multiple knights to tank the tesla/archers to dps their fragile units down. Fb if they try to snowball you.

Bait will be hard: save log for their goblin barrel, and protect your tesla since bait can't deal with tesla well.

E golem will focus on protecting the archers and cycling multiple tesla to pull while using fb log to kill night witches.

Important tip: only eq their tower when you have tesla in cycle. There are countless times that I forgot that and they sent a hog down forcing me to take unnecessary damage.

Also don't be afarid to spell their tower with an eq, this is double elixer, which means they can't properly punish your spell.

Lastly: clip the king tower with your spells(although you should focus on their troops more as this deck is about positive elixer trade so you can get free tower damage with eq without worrying about being down elixer). This will likely tell your opponent that you are throwing(when you are not) and they will spam without strategy. This is where you capitalize on their mistake and gain a high elixer lead. Not only that, but also in case if you lose a tower(how tf did you lose it in the first place), you can use the tower damage you've already gotten(which is usually going to be higher than the other Princess Tower hp) and spell it faster.

Overall a very fun deck to use as you watch your opponent drown in frustration since they can't break through while you slowly whittle down their tower through eq.

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