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redditShifting from monthly content to quarterly (balance changes & updates)

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Hi Reddit,

I’m Max, the new Clash Royale Community Manager. If you missed the recent announcement, you can watch our introduction video here and enjoy Rick and I dressed as mighty Barbarians (and me needing to stop skipping leg day).

I wanted to take this occasion to address the current hot topic in the community: seasons and monthly content. After seeing many comments and questions at the start of Season 23, I figured that some open talk about our plans would be good. Let this be my trial by fire.

The shift

At the beginning of 2021, we decided to switch our focus from monthly content, like balance changes and seasons, to fully target the team’s effort to provide better and more impactful quarterly updates.

Why did we decide that?

The first season, The Flood, was released in July 2019, with the introduction of Pass Royale. At the time, the idea was indeed to provide monthly content while continuing to work on updates. Which were:

- September 2019: Party button, new tiebreakers rules, triple draft

- November 2019: 5 minutes battles and 3x elixir rule

- August 2020: Clan Wars II

Even though September and November updates have been essential for the game’s health, they were light on content. And the big update, Clan Wars II, took a lot of development time while not being the success we hoped. A change was needed.

Why do we think it’s the right call?

The Magic Items was the first update after switching our focus, and it was a success that has significantly grown the player base. The content introduced obviously played an important part in that success, but the new organisation and focus allowed the team to deliver that content.

For the game, the larger player base and the team, the change from monthly to quarterly IS a good thing. We can see it clearly every day.

So, what does that mean for the seasons?

Like most of you already noticed, we slowed down the release cadence of new arenas at the start of 2021 (the last one was Forbidden Palace in February).

The current plan is to have fixed season themes for some in-game events (Logmas in December, Shocktober in October, Lunar Year, Birthday, etc.) and mainly using existing arenas. In total, we have released 16 new arenas since the introduction of seasons. Most of them have just been used once, and we want them to be showcased more as well as existing arenas in Trophy Road. P.E.K.K.A’s Playground, for instance, was very much appreciated by players.

It does NOT mean that you will never see a new arena. I can already tell you that some are in preparation, but they will be much less frequent than before.

I hope that this relatively lengthy text provided you with a better insight into our work and mindset and that you appreciated the step towards openness. More news about the next update is coming very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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