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The Valkyrie has more health than a knight but she does not wear any form of armor.

When you FREEZE the king tower, the king jumps up and pulls a lever that activates a cannon.

A skeleton with a piece of wood can survive the mighty sparky and the rocket.

If clash royale is in the medieval age then there is no gum. If clash royale is in the modern age then no one would use spears or swords.

A Princess has more range than another Princess on a tower.

Speaking of princesses, a normal princess dies to fireball but a Princess on a tower can survive a fireball.

Why can’t the bomb tower attack air?

The log can knock a huge metal robot but a Boulder cannot knock back some guy on a pony.

A witch is heavier than a guy in golden armor, with a lance riding a pony.

Mother Witch can turn air troops into hogs but they do not seem to go down to the ground once they die.

A lumberjack does not get raged when he drinks a bottle of rage, but a rage can rage troops simply by spilling and touching them.

How can a rocket have such a small radius.

What in the world damages towers during a tiebreaker?

Poison can affect buildings. POISON

A miner does less damage to crown towers. Maybe because if a miner hits you with a shovel it hurts, but he does full damage to buildings.

You can’t freeze ice (ice spirit or ice golem)

A snowball somehow survives the journey to reach a 1000°c tower (inferno tower)

A ice blast and a Lava blob does similar damage to a small dagger.

Apparently, the Skeleton barrel knows where is a building.

Fire does not melt ice

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