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redditThe REAL complaint that all the "no-skill" accusations are coming from

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The biggest thing that's causing all of these accusations about decks being no skill is actually about matchups being no skill, not the decks themselves.

Take, for example, 3.0 X-Bow vs 2.6 Hog EQ. There is literally nothing the X-Bow player can do to outplay the Knight-EQ-Log defense that the Hog EQ player can spam mindlessly into the X-Bow player, and so this matchup makes Hog EQ seem like it is no skill due to the spell cycle nature of this matchup, with it being 100 times easier for Hog EQ.

Or take 3.5 Icebow vs Recruits Bait. There is literally nothing the icebow player can do to take out the flying machine, so all the recruits player has to do is spam into the icebow player, making the matchup seem low skill to the icebow player because all the recruits player has to do (and which is indeed the correct way to play the matchup from the perspective of the recruits player) is just mindlessly spam recruits pigs fm into the icebow player.

I'm beating a dead horse here, but again take 3.0 X-Bow vs Golem Clone. X-Bow, missing the Ice Golem and having no splash to counterbalance for that, only has the Ice Spirit, Log, and Fireball to deal with those massive swarms, because Golem Clone always runs arrows. Unless X-Bow takes a tower in single, the X-Bow player will lose, and even full turtling from the X-Bow player will not stop 700 damage or so from getting on their towers after each Golem Clone push. It is literally just mindless spam from the golem clone player to win the matchup.

The greatest problem with the game is not any of the decks and such inside it. It is more of the RPS nature of the game, where some totally unbalanced matchups require 0 skill for the advantaged player to win.

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