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According to the Clash Royale dev account data, this will happen in the next update.

*New card*: E-barb hut, this card will spawn raged e-barbs every 10 seconds. Legendary bulding (finally) with the cost of 4 elexir. Lifetime: 40 seconds, 1263 hp.

*New gold progression*: Coin treasure, gives you between 50000-100000 gold but only for pass royale players. Free to play players will get 3 crown chests (wow).

*Challenges changes*: Challenges will have better rewards, such as Silver chests or 100 common wild cards.

*War changes*: Devs listened to this community, no more 1 week river races. The introduction of Clan war 3 opens a lot of new possibilities. 1 month races, better rewards, matched with 10 clans (so that canadian clans are getting abbandoned). Timezones wont be fixed.

*Trade tokens*: Trade tokens are getting removed, and replaced with the so called “Legendary tokens*.

*Balance changes*:

-Golem: +15% hp, -20% damage.

-X-bow: -2% lifetime, +10% damage.

-Knight: too good stats for the cost.

-Mother Witch: +50% Piggies damage.

-Magaknight: +30% Splash damage, +10% Damage.

Removed cards under 4 elexir first play, 50% more <6 elexir cards appering in starting hand.

You are now getting banned for own more than 1 account on your device.

Overall I think it’s going to be a very nice update, mods, I know I hacked the cr servers but don’t ban this post. The community needs to know.

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