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Dredgen is a very new clan opening it's doors for new members. We are looking for members who will be active and able to do wars, and of course donate. We hope to grow into a community!
Clan Information 
Trophies: 2600+
Clan tag: #PJ8JPRQ2
Status: Open 

A few rules:
Maturity: The biggest thing valued here. No one likes any person who acts like a child. If you can't handle acting decently or responsibly, you will be kicked. 

Loyalty: The other biggest value here. Loyalty is rewarded, being active in wars and donating will earn you a spot in our roster and result in promotions. 

Trolls: Needless to say, anyone attempting to troll or interrupt/ruin the environment in the clan will be kicked on the spot. 

Let's Get Clashing!



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