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Just based on my personal experience the following changes should be made:

  1. Tornado rework. Its a card found in half the decks in top ladder and for a good reason. Its super good on defence (usually + building or icewiz) and it can save u the game many times by pulling troops to king.
  2. Golem needs a hp nerf. Atm golem its all over ladder (even in top ladder), its super low skill and works extremly well. Not to mention golem first play wins the game on the spot many times even within a minute. Nerfing golemites hp would be the way to go in my opinion.
  3. Ebarbs. Again, super tanky, very good dmg, super low skill and all over ladder. Everyone knows they need a nerf.
  4. Recruits. I find recruits to be way more tanky than they should, almost being a wincondition in some cases. Add to the fact that its a very low skill card, it definetly needs a nerf.
  5. Motherwitch needs a slight hitspeed nerf.
  6. Goblin Cage. Many decks have this card. Its a tanky building + the brawler does very good dmg vs tanks. I think it needs just a slight dmg nerf.
  7. Bomber. I think the rework is for the worse since now bomber lets beatdown decks to defend way more cheaply than they should.
  8. Baby D may need a slight hp nerf. Usually vs beatdown or graveyard decks, half the dmg that u get, its done by baby d. I think that its a card which is lowkey a bit op.


  1. Giant skeleton needs a death bomb dmg buff. Currently its the worst card in the game.
  2. Slight buff to executioner dmg
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