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redditOne Small Thing То Fix Progression and the Chest Cycle

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I wrote this because I felt something very important was missing from V-man's awesome post from yesterday about the Chest Cycle. It's demanding not only from its low average unlock time but also from its versatility. Let me explain.

Progression is the fastest when you are opening a chest at all times. You have to time your life around CR to miss on less than 2h a day. Since my life became busier, I took note of my wasted time for a while and it was more than 6h a day. That is, on days without speed boosts.

With a busy life and countless distractions, it's practically impossible to to not miss on at least 5% of the chest cycle's value. For some of us, it's upwards of 25%. And for all of us, having to open CR a few times to day just to start a new unlock is annoying.

While you can pay for Pass Royale and have this reduced almost to 0, this shouldn't be a perk for monthly payment. While the chest queue system would be alright, it's still somewhat restrictive and doesn't fully fix the strain during speed boosts.

Introducing: Chest keys! The rework is incredibly simple and should be easy on development time.

  1. Every hour, you get a key, up to a maximum of 40.
  2. Every chest that took X hours to unlock, now takes X keys.
  3. Speed boosts make the key cooldown half an hour.
  4. Chest queuing is removed, as it is no longer necessary.

That's the entire rework, nothing else needs to functionally change.

  • Better routine: Busy life? Just stack up keys the entire day, then play at a comfortable time.
  • Better progression: What used to be the optimal chest cycle progression is now the default.
  • Bedrock for further changes: This would rid of the idea that you're supposed to open small chests during the day and big ones during the night. Small chests are inevitably boring, so this would allow for a bigger diversity of chests in the cycle.

Any thoughts?

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