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redditi played this since 2016

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stuck at around 4000 trophies, for about years now on and off

quit for 1-2 years, install, login, collect random awards, have a few fun games, get to the master league i, as soon as i step in lose to max level 13 cards while i have 9-11's

repeat process 3 times and go on a losing streak instead

uninstall game, don't touch again for a year or 2 and repeat the cycle.

i am mostly f2p, i coughed up 20$ in total and i still get shitted on bc my cards are low level. i can spend 1000's of dollars on this game easily, no problem, but i don't want to support games that basically force you into spending money.

throwing a log at a princess and it doesn't kill isn't skill, it's 100% p2p. i don't care either about "you're just better than the average player so that's why you get paired up with level 13's" doesn't matter when your log doesn't counter a card it is suppose to counter. it isn't fun or challenging, you end up throwing 2+ cards at it for a negative trade, or getting 1 shotted by a max card that isn't suppose to do that. there is no skill factor into that, it is just simply, and purely, a blame on levels.

i really like the character designs, voices are cool, animations from the videos on yt are god tier, but the gameplay is actual shit when you reach a certain point of the game when your cards just won't work against max level cards that are used by an above average player. you'll lose every time, there is no motivation to continue, just a simple uninstall and take a very very long break.

just wanted to give me thoughts on that :P

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