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Get ready for a rant folks

EA patented a system called Engagement Optimized Mathmaking, this system is used in many games such as FIFA and Apex Legends. In the system, people are given a mix of wins and losses to keep them playing the game. Supercell uses this god forsaken bullcrap system in this game from what I’ve seen. You win a game, and you lose 50, sound familiar? All of my clanmates have noticed this and even say the game isn’t even fun anymore, and I’ve put too much time into this goddamn game to give it up. Next, the game is pay to win, you buy gems, buy gold, bam you get cards and level up to max 13 in who knows what league/arena. This game is pay to win, and that is actually illegal!! I’m tired of this. Lastly, the elixir buffer is a lot slower and those of us that relied on the faster elixir buffer are losing to level 9’s because our strategies don’t fucking work anymore. The devs don’t care anymore, cards need nerfing and they don’t do anything but focus on clash of clans. The community needs to do something.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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