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Anyone else feel like CR needs better economy? (+ thoughts on the game rn)

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TL;DR (on economy) imo it's currently too hard for players to gain cards, upgrade them with gold, and especially earn gems to play in CCs (and lol GCs). I think the cards/gold/gem economy really needs to be improved.

TL;DR (on game) been getting VERY stale for casual players; competitive players have to deal with non-ideal balances and RPS meta

As someone who has played CR since the public beta, I currently have 2 accounts that I play on. One of them (after spending some $$ throughout the years) has finally been getting close to maxing out all commons and rares, with several max epics and 3 max legendaries. The other is a mini account that I occasionally play on when I'm tired of playing ranked ladder on my main. (I also use the mini account to keep in touch with how f2p non-ranked-ladder or casual players feel.)

I definitely feel CR needs to have a better economy. As more and more cards have been released (there are now almost 100 cards in the game!), that means more cards to acquire, more gold to upgrade those cards, and more difficulty in getting a specific card that you want. However, the current value that chests, etc. give is, in my opinion, far too low.

How many people do you know have enough cards to upgrade a significant amount of cards, but don't have nearly enough gold to do so? How many people do you know that even have enough epics and legendary cards in the first place to upgrade a specific set of cards that they want? How many people do you know want to gain great competitive practices, while also earning rewards, through GCs, but have an absymal number of gems in hand?

I think I speak for the vast majority of people here -- the economy in the game is way too low. Now that we have so many cards, chests should give more cards and gold. (I personally would argue that higher-tier chests such as giant chests should be more frequent as well.) This way, players won't be forced to basically stick to one deck to level up (or else be underleveled for the rest of their lives). Two of the most common complaints among casual players are: overleveled cards on ladder, and facing the same decks over and over again on ladder (e.g. 2.6, 2.9 because they are strong f2p-friendly decks). Improving the cards/gold economy would, in my opinion, tone down these frustrations a bit.

And don't get me started on gems...f2p players earn an ABSYMAL amount of gems each month compared to the cost of many in-game things (CCs, GCs, challenge re-entries, GT rewards). Realistically, CCs are the only thing that most players have enough gems for, and even then, when I go a 12-win, it takes less than an hour, so it's easy to get multiple CCs in until you run out of gems. GCs are basically out of the question, which sucks cuz there are many players who want to get practice playing with other strong players (while also earning some rewards) that can't due to the gem cost. Oh, and on that note, GC rewards suck. Yes, way back in the day they were good, but now there are double the number of cards in the game, and stuff like Pass Royale and Daily Deals exist. Even a 12-win GC (which most pros can't even achieve on a consistent basis) only nets you 22k gold, 11 epics, and you're not even guaranteed a legendary from that chest. HazardCR has suggested that GCs be reduced to 50 gems, and I wouldn't be opposed to that -- it makes them more accessible while simultaneously increasing the rewards. I mean, I can't be the only one tired of insanely long queue times only 6 wins into a GC.

(On that note, SC, why tf are legendary chests still 400 quest points and 500 gems, to get ONE legendary card that you can't even strike? There are 17 legendaries in the game! Seriously?)

The clear weakness of the CR economy is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons that casual players feel the game is getting very stale. (Of course, I didn't even bring up how much of a chore quests and clan wars are.)

Also, I'll end with a quick note regarding competitive play (I'm not even close to a pro by any means, although as I said before I routinely push ranked ladder, and I have a few GT badges as well): I think the meta has become too RPS. It's at the point that a significant factor in determining who wins a match is the matchup itself. The addition of more and more cards, some of which are made specifically to counter other cards, worsens this trend. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how to fully fix this -- any thoughts are appreciated. Also, there are some lower-skill decks in the meta rn as well (sparky rage, egolem healer, etc.), and a lot of pros have been complaining about how frustrating it is that golem in the back first play is actually viable now. I understand that balancing cards is a very tough and time-consuming process, but we've seen a cycle of over-buffed/over-nerfed cards too often (not to mention, many of us believe that not enough cards are balanced every update). I think this, at least, is something that could be fixed.

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