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Daily Discussion 4/28-4/30: Season 11 Balance Changes!

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Topic: Season 11 Balance Speculation

With the conclusion of another season bring us another set of balance changes. The intention of this post is to encourage productive discussion regarding the current state of the meta and ideas that could improve the meta.

Here is what u/Supercell-Seth has stated regarding balance changes thus far:


Magic Archer: Targeting Range Revert

Tornado Rework/Nerf

11 Balance Changes (Check original post)!

Not confirmed yet/speculation for future balance changes:

Goblin Hut

Seth's stance on spawners in general, EQ, Fisherman, and Royal Recruits



Since its buff Goblin Hut is not only the big winner of this season's balance patch but also has taken the throne as the undisputed best structure in the meta. As a result it has overshadowed Barbarian Hut alongside leaving every other building in the dust. Skeleton Barrel is another card that has improved quite a lot from its rework, giving Wall Breakers formerly non-existent competition while becoming a compelling, fast-paced pick in Log Bait decks. Heal Spirit has certainly went a long way from its days in a spell bottle. Ever since it broke free, it's been able to use its healing capabilities to their fullest effect. As a result, Heal Spirit has made quite a name of itself, becoming an integral component for Royal Hogs alongside replacing Ice Spirit in a variety of cycle decks.

It is without a doubt that Graveyard has continued its dominance the meta, with its defensive capabilities being augmented even further with the ubiquitous Goblin Hut. In response to the aforementioned structure, Earthquake is a groundbreaking card in the meta and has risen as an essential spell for a variety of decks. Elixir Golem-Battle Healer, Royal Hogs, and Sparky-Goblin Giant are all popular decks that utilize the spell to great use. Small Spell Bait has become much more popular with the newly buffed Skeleton Barrel, and Hog Rider is also in a healthy spot. However, Mortar and X-Bow are barely clinging to the meta due to all of the Beatdown Decks and Earthquake running rampant in the meta. Bomb Tower remains to hold the meta together, keeping Royal Hogs and EG-Battle Healer greatly in check. Due in part to Fireball's extinguishment, Three Musketeers have made a resurgence in the meta, and Rage is actually getting some niche usage.


Discussion Questions:

  • What is your stance on the current meta?
    • How would you rate it (on a scale of 1-10) in comparison to other metas?
    • What do you think are the most problematic assets in the meta?
    • What would your approach(es) be to fix these issues?
  • What cards/s do you think could use a buff/nerf?
    • How can your change be a positive contribution to the meta?
      • How does your change address some of the flaws in the meta?
      • If applicable, could your change revive the usage of a currently underused card?
  • What card is best suited for a rework in Season 11?
    • How is your choice for a rework the most fitting for the current meta?
    • How can your rework be a positive contribution to the meta short-term/long-term?
      • What new archetypes/card synergies could your rework establish that would ideally expand and diversify the meta?
    • How does your rework remedy the primary issues of your chosen card?
      • If applicable, would your rework change the identity of the card?
      • Why do you think this would be the correct course of action?
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