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-Elite barbarians

Range Melee medium->Melee short

First attack 0.5->0.4

From the Mini Pekka situation of some months ago we saw that having a fast tank killer with melee medium range is a bad idea (only the 7 elixir PEKKA should be the only tank killer with melee medium range since it's slow and more expensive) and the first attack faster is just to keep the card still viable cause we saw with minipekka that nerfing the range can make a card from top tier to weak.

-Mother Witch

Hogs HP 520->440

After the buff Mother Witch went from weak to very strong. In my opinion this card isn't very broken but can be very annoiyng to face due to the fact thar her hogs are very tanky and can distract troops for a decent amount of time and in the meanwhile she can kill the defensive troops that it's used to counter her hogs.

-Giant Skeleton

Death damage +34,7% 444->598

The last rework of the Giant Skeleton was made to make the card a bit less defensive and more offensive, but the bomb damage nerf was just too much since it's the main feature of this card. With this buff the bomb will kill barbarians and musketeers of the same level.

-Fire Spirits

HP+109% 91->190

Range 2->2.5

Movement speed Very fast->Fast

Fire spirits are actually one of the worst card in the game, since unlike the other cheaper spirits they have really low health and less range and costs +1 elixir making them very easy to counter. The buff on the HP will make the Fire Spirits HP the same as the other spirits, so they can take one hit of troops like Baby Dragon, Dart Goblin and more other troops. The movement speed nerf is just to allow the towers to kill one of the two Fire Spirits spawned by Furnace.


Lifetime 50s->40s

Spawn time 10s->12s

Spawn at destruction 0->2

Total waves 6->5

Actually Furnace is one of the worst building of the game, cause it's the only spawn building that doesn't have a death spawn, but can still be very annoying to face if you don't have poison or earthquake due to the 50s lifetime and the fast spawn time. This rework is just to make furnace less oppressive to face thanks to Lifetime and Spawn Time nerf, but overall will be more viable due to the Fire Spirits HP and Range buffed and with the Spawn at destruction.


Damage +16% 96->111

Freeze effect 100%->70%

(Freeze effect last for the full 4 seconds)

Freeze is one of the most controversial card of the game. The card isn't used that much but it has a very frustrating mechanic that can make a player to win a game using only one Freeze. With this rework the cards hit by Freeze will receive a 70% slowdown instead of a completely frozen, so will no more be possible to take a tower with a balloon or an inferno dragon with sliver of HP. The damage buff is to allow the card to kill equal level Spear Goblins, making the card still viable and a bit more level dipendent.

-Elixir golem

HP of all forms+6%

Now each Elixir Golemite will give you 1 elixir after death (2 in total) and each Elixir Blobs will give you 0.5 elixir (2 in total)

Elixir golem has been a problematic card since it's release. The problem with this card is that it gives you elixir only once he take most of the HP of your tower, but at the same time this card is strong only with the right supports, so the HP buff of the all forms is just to prevent the card to be still viable but just less RPS.

-Battle Healer

Damage +30% 123->159

Range of the heal 4->2.5 (same as heal spirit)

HP +10% 1425->1567

Won't heal herself when she attacks

Thid card like Elixir Golem has been problematic since her release. Battle Healer is only used in Elixir Golen decks, but in that deck is very strong and annoying to face cause if you don't have the right cards this card can be nealrly impossible to kill due to the fact that she heal herself while she is attacking. The HP and damage buff are just to make the card still viable but in anycase will be less annoying to face and easier to kill.


First attack 0.2 seconds faster 1s->0.8s


Rascal Boy

Hitspeed 0.2s faster 1.5->1.3

Fisrt attack 0.3s slower 0.4s->0.7s

Rascal girls

First attack 0.3s faster 1s->0.7s

Hitspeed 0.2s slower 1.1s->1.3s


Knockback 1.5->1

Damage 53×5->67×4 (total damage 265->268)

Projectile travel speed->Faster as Princess

First attack 0.2s faster

Firecracker is probably the weirdest card of the game in my opinion. She can be very annoying to face but at the same time has some problems that make this card not that useful. The problem that this card has is the fact that sometimes she struggles against swarm cards taking a lot of time to shoot, and since her projectile travel speed is so slow she always misses fast troops from long distance. So with this changes Firecracker will be less annoying to face if you don't have arrows, but at the same time will be more viable as a splash card.

-Flying Machine

HP -13,7% 510->440

Hitspeed 10% faster 1.1->1


Lifetime 35s->30s

HP+3% 954->982

-Bomb Tower

Lifetime 25s->30s

HP-3% 1126->1092

This two changes are made to make every defensive building (Cannon, Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower, Tesla, Mortar, X-bow) having the same lifetime. The HP buff for tesla and the HP nerf for Bomb Tower are made to keep the interaction against cards like Hog Rider or Royal Giant the same.

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