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redditEveryone got maxed out cards now ig?

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Shifting around at about 5000-5150 trophies and consistently facing level 10-12 players, which is pretty normal for me as a level 11. Every time they have at least level 12-13 cards. I just started playing again after a while off and I grinded to get level 11-12 cards but now everyone just has maxed cards, even level 10s? I use a giant loon deck and use mega minion, archers, and cannon mainly for support but they keep getting destroyed by the higher level cards. Seems like the magic items made it too easy for lower level players to upgrade cards and the game feels way more pay to win now. No matter who I face or what level they are, 90% of the time they have mostly maxed out cards even when they're the same level or lower. Can't really switch decks because I focused one deck up to a high level and none of my other cards are high enough level to be used competitively. How tf am I supposed to compete if im not willing to dish out a bunch of money on this game.

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