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reddit[Discussion] How do you guys deal with trolls who don't emote back?

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Hi all! New to the game it's only my 2nd day. I'm having such fun playing I wanted to ask this hours ago!

But I just had maybe 6 games in a row where people wouldn't emote back at all! I don't think I'm doing anything wrong? I always say good luck and thumbs up at start. When the enemy does a good play and I lose a tower I say "Wow!" "Well played!" But they don't use a single emote back??

I was hoping it got better as I climbed the ranks but it seems way worse now at 2900 than it did at 2000!

How do you guys deal with it? It is really stressing me out. Also I was thinking maybe there's some sort of glitch where they can't see my emotes? Or maybe there's lots of bots and they don't emote?

Would appreciate any advice on how to deal with it. It's really ruining the experience. Usually I don't have a problem dealing with dying/trolls in games, my only ps4 platinums are all From Software games so I'm used to dying over and over again xD


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