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And just marvel at the lack of accountability in this company. Lets look at some of the top cards as rated right now in GCs oer royakeapi....

Mother witch- just “balanced” and immediately was clear it was OP. Currently highest rated card in the game with 16% userate and 57% winrate. Just because it was obvious immediately that it was now OP, SC has to sell some cards so they don’t fix it. This is the start of month 2 of clearly OP card and SC doing nothing.

Fisherman- 2nd highest rated card in the game. Was overbuffed in July of 2020 and has largely remained rated in the top 10 ever since. Going on a year of being OP.

Heal spirit- #4 rated card. They just reverted previous changes and now card OP again. Gosh, they’re really good at this!

5 lavahound- been a top rated card for a good 12+months. And has consistently been one of if not the highest rated win con on ladder. But good thing they nerfed giant skeleton!?!

6 ebarbs with a 22% userate 55% winrate. And two months of continued overuse.

7 zappies- do you remember how SC said they were two oppressive and needed to be nerfed? Now they’re only the 7th highest rated card in the game!

9 is skele dragons - released in July of 2020 and despite being”balanced” twice by Supercell, they have pretty much always been a top 10 rated card. Good jon Supercell.

It would be nice if this stuff was fixxed by a competent team at some point.

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