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What is Bridgespam?

Is it the Cards, the Decks, or the Strategies?

It seems no one can truly give a satisfying answer, as Bridgespam is seemingly all of them.

So, to see the full picture, they should all be analysed, starting with the Cards.


Truth is, there are no Bridgespam cards, because every card is.

More specifically, Bridgespam is a playstyle available for every moving unit in the game. If it moves, you can Bridgespam with it.

So, the real question is: What makes a good Bridgespam card?


More specifically, how fast a card can reach the enemy tower.

Although usually reflected by movement speed, it can also be acheived by long attack range.

The faster a unit can reach the tower, the less time the opponent has to react.

This small timeframe provided forces opponents to play reactively, as any misplays can be punished swiftly.


Of course, none of the above will matter unless the card actually poses a threat.

By threatening to deal massive damage, the opponent is forced to react everytime the unit appears on the field.

This puts the opponent on a timer, as they have to neutralise the threat before it reaches its target, usually the tower.

In conclusion

This are the key stats that make a Bridgespam card, Speed and Damage.

As any misplays can be punished quickly and severely, the opponent can never overextend and has to play reactively.

A good Bridgespam card therefore is a card that gives the player control to the pacing of a match, by fast speed and high damage.


Thanks for reading.

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