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redditThe top 4 ridiculously OP cards in CR

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Of course this will get downvotes but whatever.

Balloon - ridiculous card which does 1,000 damage, hits instantly. Counters often aren't enough to stop it from getting a hit because it has too much hp.

Proposed fix: Add an extra second delay before hitting tower or reduce HP.

Royal Giant - Almost guaranteed damage if opponent does not have a building or tornado. Particularly a problem when placed in the center after a tower is already down.

Proposed fix: Add two second spawn delay.

Skeleton Barrel - The skeletons do way too much damage if you make a mistake or have no splash counter in hand. Very punishing in a game which tends to lag.

Proposed fix: Remove death damage when barrel pops so that counters are not killed.

Sparky - This card used to be a joke but is not ridiculously OP like the balloon. It does tremendous SPLASH damage and has a high amount of HP. I once fireballed + quaked and put down other cards to stop it and it still went on to destroy my tower! Many youtubers hate going against this card but few will admit how OP it is.

Proposed fix: Reduce HP significantly.

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