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redditHonest Update Review from Long Time Player

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tl;dr I'd rate the update 9/10

It has been over a month since the update came out and I want to tell you all my optinion about the latest update. Keep in mind that this post is only my optinion and you all can have your own.

Magic Items

This is the main point of the update, and I LOVE THEM! I think Supercell did a great job designing the magic items!

Wild Cards

This is by far the best addition in the update. Before this, only way to get the cards you wanted was from chests with luck, requesting or trading. Wild cards are the best addition that the game has seen in a long time. I have no complains about wild cards.

Chest Keys

Chest Keys are OK. Opening up one chest with chest key doesn't do much, it's still a fine addition and I see no problems with being able to open up chests faster. Chest Keys are obviously the least valuable magic items.

Books & Magic Coin

I like all the books & magic coin, only problem with these is that they are TOO valuable, so for f2p players they are very rare to get. I sometimes buy the pass so the "rareness" of the items isn't a problem for me. I went from level 10 Ice Wizard to Max Level Ice Wizard only with two books and some wild cards. Legendaries used to be impossible to max out before this update, now it's 0,5 -1maxed legendary per season (if you're willing to pay the pass) so this is a huge improvement. Magic coin is fine too, but getting gold was never a huge problem for me.

Other Stuff

This update did have some other stuff too. They buffed the pass to over 20x the old value (which is INSANE!) , we had some CW2 changes such as fairer fame rewards, that was a good addition too.

I feel like this is the first update in a long time that they didn't make a BAD new addition, only good ones! Now that the progression system can be called "fixed" I am excited to see what they're adding in the next update (can you believe it's only one month away?!) I am optimistic and this year is already much better than last year was for Clash Royale. I'd rate the update solid 9/10, only minus is that some magic items are too hard to get for f2p players.

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