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If you have the pass Royale you get unlimited tries at the challenges. The nice thing to do is to let non pass players win (especially when you are near the end of the challenge). It doesn’t hurt you as you have the pass.

I do this on my account that has pass. It doesn’t take that long to complete just playing against other pass holders.

I just tried to complete the challenge on my non pass account and not one person gave me the free/easy win but all of them spammed crying and laughing emotes constantly.

I seriously am losing faith in this game. Every match is just bad manners. If you want to troll someone at least do it in person and see how you get on. I bet you wouldn’t because you know how to behave yet in an online game it is considered “normal” behaviour.

There is a constant pay to play vs free to play “discussion” going on. I am not getting in to that rabbit hole. I am just saying if you are lucky enough to be able to get the pass the least you can do is give some free to play people a free/ easy win in the challenges.

Tl:dr if you get pass be nice to others.

Edit 1: spelling

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