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I played this game for a couple months like a year ago and gave up due to how play to win/time sink it is and how even at tower level 10 with level 9 cards I would face tower 13 level 12-13 cards. Well I decided to try it again and my goodness has it become toxic.. which is crazy because the only real way to be toxic is by emoting (yes I know you can mute this) but from playing hearthstone if someone makes a good play I would normally like to tell them good play. Anyway, if your tower level is higher and card level is way higher why spam emotes like a tool? I just don’t understand the purpose. Is that the only way to feel good about yourself in this game? Cause obviously if you’re stuck at the 4500 ladder you can’t be that good with your high level tower and deck 😂 it’s an absolute joke. Yes I’m salty I know... unfortunately the game is fun so I wish it was more skill based and not time played.

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