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redditHelp my clan reach consensus on CW2 War Strategy.

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(Please forgive is this is covered, I had a hard time finding what i needed in recent searches)

Five year clan leader, we've been lucky to have a great core group over the years and avoid drama or attrition due to CW2. We do cycle through the members outside of our core group more rapidly but that's the nature of things.

One thing we are discussing is our CW2 war strategy. There are some who have calculated that it is best to push as hard as we can in Weeks 1-3 and then to completely stop pushing once we reach 24K in the final week.

The idea is that we are more competitive at level B than we are when we get promoted to tier A. That the rewards for losing at a higher level are SIGNIFICANTLY enough to justify trying to stay level or even self relegate. Me, I like to play and feel like asking the team NOT to play the game defeats the purpose of pulling together. They are right in that at the higher level, the races are effectively over before we even wake up. Again, the debate in our clan is pretty healthy, and we have enough players pushing in war to "almost" be successful longer term in CW2. But I'd like to hear some thoughts from outside the group, as to what this means, what the math REALLY looks like, what im overlooking and who is right in this scenario? Thanks.

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