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redditWhy Ebarbs don't work, and it's not because they are broken af

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Ebarbs have been at best controversial since their inception and more commonly just openly hated. As a win condition that's easily leveled up it's easy to max and abuse ladder with them. For most of the game it hasn't been much of an issue because they were too weak to matter unless they were over leveled and at that point, most anything is unfair and that's a different discussion.

The problem with them though isn't the series of buffs and nerfs, that have worked them like a yo-yo between broken strong and irrelevantly weak in main meta game. The problem is their lack of defined position within the game. They kind of fit the beat down archetype, but their role is still pretty undefined. Are they a tank? a tank killer? a special lane splitting card? They just sort of straddle multiple roles without fitting any role specifically. This usually results in them either having enough stats to be overpowered in every role or so underpowered they can't form any role. So...

They yo-yo, between broken af, and totally useless because either they can do basically everything, or they aren't good enough to do anything. I think supercell has had 5-6 balance changes with them now and they have never been close to balanced. Right now they are game breaking, and it isn't good for the game.

At this point my recommendation is to just delete them, stop trying to fix what's not working and move on to more important things. Refund everyone their cards and gold and go on to the next project.

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