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redditWhat has happened to ladder?

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Today I picked Clash Royale up again for the first time in a couple years. I had quit before because I was off to college and the game was a bit stale for me at that point.

So, I downloaded CR again today and checked things out. Past me had managed to climb to about the 3300 range, which I thought was impressive because last I remembered I was stuck at 2900.

I get to playing, and there's a lot of new content which catches me off guard. Despite this, I win again and again, and manage to only lose 2 matches in my entire session of play. In that time I climbed a whole 1000 trophies all the way up to Challenger 2.

Here's my question. Why was it so easy to climb so far so quickly? I am by no means a good player and if I were playing a year ago, I'd get stuffed in half my matches, and even now with my inexperience from being gone so long I would've expected to lose trophies.

TL;DR: Why is it so easy to climb? Is ladder broken?

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