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redditDraft Mode Mode is Unbalanced.

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Notice: This Draft mode not Triple Draft.

Recently, when I was playing Draft, & noticed my decks lacked necessities. I never got to draft my win conditions I had in my 4 games. In 2 out of my 4 games, I never really had a win condition. For example, I had Miner & Royal Recruits as my "Win Conditions".

In some previous drafts it has been win condition heavy, tank killer, weak. 2 v 2 Touchdown Draft has had multiple games where 4 out of 8 cards were buildings.

A Draft Pair is the 2 cards that you can pick from

My suggestions to fix Draft Mode

  • Each Draft will contain 2 Win Condition Draft Pairs.
    • Each Player Gets To Pick One Win Condition Draft Pair.
  • Revise which Troops can be in the Same Draft Pairs & Troops in Draft
    • Move Certain Troops around in the Draft Pair Types.
    • Get Some Pro/Top Ladder Players Opinions on which cards should go where, and which shouldn't appear in Draft.
  • Spells that can directly damage towers shouldn't appear with other damage spells in non-touchdown modes.

Let me know if your poor experiences/games in Draft & Some Suggestions

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